Friday, April 26, 2013


WOW! I am so thrilled to have won three ribbon for my entries in the Quilt Vegas 2013 quilt show in Henderson, NV.

This is the 23rd show put on by the Desert Quilters of Nevada. These are my very first entries to be judged by a certified judge. Edith richmond Dyke of Toledo, Ohio. She has been a certified judge since 1985.

This is Falling Leaves, I posted this awhile back.

This one is call Aboriginal Suns

This one is called Heat. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

FMQ Friday

Its time to link up again to Leah Day's FMQ Friday. I have missed a few Fridays. It is not that I am not quilting its just trying to remember to take more pictures. I have also been busy trying to decide what projects to take back to Alaska with me. I have a 5 day retreat when I get there and I want to make sure I have all my projects together.  My husband always shakes his head and laughs at me. I don't pack clothes I go back with a duffel bag of quilting items.

I have been trying to get the hair on Express Your Love done before I leave. Well I did, sort of. I have really been good about not ripping out any of my quilting. But after going back and rereading what Leah said about not liking hers I found a place on mine that I just could not live with.

My eye was being drawn to the top strand of her hair. That bottom fill in under the feather was really driving me crazy. So I had to take some of it out. Rip, Rip, Rip. But a more positive way to look at it would be "Redesign."

                                                                Much happier now

So on to her body. I have given this a lot of thought. I am going to remove her eye and keep her dark. Her lip may also come out.  I am now having to decide on the thread color. It will either be black or if you look closely you will see a thread sample of pewter at the bottom.  Can't decide.

I also finished quilting my Falling Leaves quilt this month. I am going to enter this one in our Guild quilt show this month here in Las Vegas.


Friday, April 5, 2013


After a weeks visit with the Grandkids, what fun we had, I am finally back to stitching on my Express Your Love quilt.

It has taken me awhile to decide what I wanted to do in her hair. Three of the strands will have the flying geese, and not sure what to call it but I put half of a feather on either side.
There was too much black in the flying geese for me so I added micro stippling, and did some thread painting next to the half feathers to give her hair added texture.

I have not figured out yet what I want to do with the remaining strands of her hair yet, but it will come to me, soon I hope. LOL

I have come up with an idea for her body, but that will be another post.

She is getting done faster than I wanted so not sure what I am going to do when she is finished. I am having so much fun doing her, not going to like it when it comes to an end.