Sunday, January 27, 2013

Express Your Love

Express Your Love

I have been away from my quilting for a few days. Went to the Road to California Quilt show in Ontario, CA. Wow the quilts were fabulous and I came home with some new paints that I am anxious to try on my quilt, fabric, thread and a new quilting machine. I won't have that for a few weeks and I am so tempted to wait until it comes to work on her. But I think that will get me to far behind so I will just press on. LOL

Here is where I am on my Goddess

I painted the water on the Earth using the Jaquard paint it went on without any trouble. I was not to fond of the stiffness after it dried. So I am hoping that the new paint I pick up at the quilt show will work better for me in her hair.  I do like how the Ocean Current quilting came out.  I have decided not to paint the green, but I picked up some new thread and hope to add one more color of green to the land.

I didn't want to add any more words to her so my remaining ribbons will be filled in with micro stippling. I outlined the edges with a tight satin stitch and used a purple thread. 


  1. I'm wondering if the issue is that the link you added to Leah's finished with Express-Your-Love vs express-your-love. Capitals might make a difference. Best to cut and paste the URL versus type it in.

  2. I like the purple you are using on the ribbon, and the microstippling looks good.

    The paint looks like it has variation in the color. Is it pearlescent, or did you mix colors? I tried painting a test piece with acrylic paint and didn't really enjoy stitching over it.

    I agree with Gwyned by the way: try to copy and paste your link next time. Even though HTML is normally case insensitive, maybe Blogspot isn't or you have a space in there. I've fixed code before by copying and pasting what appeared to be the same characters, but there was something different I just couldn't see.