Sunday, February 24, 2013

UFO Sunday Getting It Done

Every time I think I am getting caught up with my UFO's I find a new project that I want to start. Because I travel back and forth from Alaska to Las Vegas I can't keep up with them. The list just grows and grows. So this year I have decided to really work on getting my tops quilted. Now that in know way means I will not start new projects. My WIP pile is huge so why not add a few more to it.  LOL

I started this small throw in 2012. It is a BQ pattern. I did embroidery appliqué in the blocks. The leaves are by Kreations by Kara.  I love her designs and love fall leaves.


I am ecco quilting around all the leaves. I have not decided what will be quilted in the rest of the spaces, but I will have to have some leaves there too I think.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

FMQ Friday: Express Your Love

I am very slowing gaining confidence in my free motion quilting. I have tried all the suggestions that Leah Day has given us since the project has started. Some have come easier than others. Those are the ones I have put into my quilt.
All of my thread has been Isacord so far. I decided to go with Micro Zippling, McTavashing, Concentric circles in the sun rays.
I love the flying geese stitch that was introduced and I hope to add it to her. I am very excited to see what will go in Leah's for her hair and body. It is hard to wait for the next idea from Leah.
Thank you Leah.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

UFO Sunday

I have not posted in awhile because I often do not take pictures of my quilts and projects until they are finished. My new quilting machine has been fun to learn on and so I finished a Husker Cow for my grandsons birthday. It gave me a chance to play with different threads before putting "Express Your Love" on it.

 I love the buttons on the utter.  My grandson has a things for cows which no one knows for sure why, and of course he loves football and the Huskers.  He has a great sense of humor and should find the buttons on the utter very funny.

Here is the progress on my Goddess. I did the micro zippling in the brick as Leah suggested. However I still am not ready to try Boomerangs. Just not happy yet with my practice samples. But I had to laugh at myself because it took me a week to get over the fear of trying McTavishing and put it into the quilt. I was on a thread mission at the Road to California Quilt show last month and found this beautiful variegated Isacord thread called Saffron. I love that it has just enough white in it that blended in so nicely with the white that was used in the outline.

Today I am tacking the concentric circles.  I chose to do these in Isacord: Autumn Leaf. It picked up some of the color in the Saffron.

I am enjoying this quilt so much and it is giving me so much practice on patterns that I have never tried. Thank you Leah Day.