Sunday, February 24, 2013

UFO Sunday Getting It Done

Every time I think I am getting caught up with my UFO's I find a new project that I want to start. Because I travel back and forth from Alaska to Las Vegas I can't keep up with them. The list just grows and grows. So this year I have decided to really work on getting my tops quilted. Now that in know way means I will not start new projects. My WIP pile is huge so why not add a few more to it.  LOL

I started this small throw in 2012. It is a BQ pattern. I did embroidery appliqué in the blocks. The leaves are by Kreations by Kara.  I love her designs and love fall leaves.


I am ecco quilting around all the leaves. I have not decided what will be quilted in the rest of the spaces, but I will have to have some leaves there too I think.

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  1. Wonderful quilt, love the colors and embroidery!

  2. I like the leaves and the fall colors. You could use a motif of tree bark in some of the areas; that would go well with the leaves. And/or bare branches.

  3. Ooh yeah! Love this pattern and really love your color sense. Yummy.