Friday, February 22, 2013

FMQ Friday: Express Your Love

I am very slowing gaining confidence in my free motion quilting. I have tried all the suggestions that Leah Day has given us since the project has started. Some have come easier than others. Those are the ones I have put into my quilt.
All of my thread has been Isacord so far. I decided to go with Micro Zippling, McTavashing, Concentric circles in the sun rays.
I love the flying geese stitch that was introduced and I hope to add it to her. I am very excited to see what will go in Leah's for her hair and body. It is hard to wait for the next idea from Leah.
Thank you Leah.


  1. Your freemotion quilting looks fantastic, Lorraine. I'll look forward to seeing how you use the flying geese stitch... in her hair perhaps?

  2. Thank you Christina. It is funny you mentioned the geese for her hair. That was my thought and I am thinking of using metallic tread. I will have to practice to see how my new Tiara (table quilter) likes the tread first.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! You are doing a great job quilting it, and I look forward to seeing each new step.

  4. Wow, this really looks good. I'm sort of thinking about the flying geese as a sort of Dreadlock effect in the hair. I'm not shure though!

  5. I've also thought about putting the flying geese in her hair. I already McTavished four of her locks, and flying geese would probably go well between them. Also, though, it would look like a bustier if put on her torso! That's another possibility.

    I am also VERY ANXIOUSLY wanting to see what patterns Leah has in mind for hair because I've been mixing it up as I go!!

    Your Sun rays look GREAT! It's also amazing how thread brightens up and colors black cloth!

  6. Karen and Gerda, Thank you for all the positive comments. I think the flying geese will be great in the hair, that was my plan after seeing Leah's video. I am going to wait to see what other suggestions she has before I begin.